Who Am I ??


Jean-Charles (a.k.a JC) !

Currently, I'm a PhD Candidate for an CEA/ENS Cachan collaboration in Computer Science. My work focuses on resources scheduling over a large set of cores (many-cores devices). My advisors are Laurent Colombet and Christophe Denoual both from the CEA, Raymond Namyst from the University of Bordeaux and Daniel Bouche, from the ENS Cachan.

Before this, I obtained a Master (a Networks and Systems Master with a 2 years specialty in parallelism) at the University of Bordeaux (formely University of Bordeaux 1) on the campus of Talence (Gironde, France) and a BAC +2 diploma at the Universitary Institute of Technology (IUT) of Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône, France).

For more information, feel free to visit my dedicated page of my Curriculum Vitæ.

What will you find here ?

Firstly, you can find all my professional information. I continuously update my C.V., contact information, ... . If you need something more, feel free to contact me. Secondly, I'll add some posts related to computer science (algorithms, publications, ...). This is mainly for my convenience (future bibliography, ...). Finally, since I'm a member of an association of astronomy at the ENS Cachan, I'll add some news of our activities. But this is really not the main goal of this website.

Oh, and all the content of this website is under CC-by-SA licence :)